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The best part about metal roofing is it fire resistant (classified as Class A). It is quite simple metal roofs do not catch fire, We at Olathe Roofing Company ensure that we build you metal roofs with good quality material below it, that averts any fire crisis. Having said all about fire, we would also like to state at this point that metal roofs are lightweight as compared to any other material, for example, a concrete roof is about 750 pounds/sqft, while a metal roof is 150 pounds for the same square footage. Plus the maintenance is low and can last up to 50 years. 

Metal roofs on commercial roofing can withstand harsh weather as well as the other external elements, they can resist wind and sun rays. They are corrosion-free and do not fade or crack. Since they use recycled material to some extent they are environmentally friendly. Since they reflect the infrared radiation of the sun, you can save on your heating or cooling costs.

The most important thing is they come in various colors as well as styles, so the roof can easily blend in with your existing home design, improving the overall aesthetics and look of the house.


This is an ancient material that is spelling its magic in the modern world. The insulating value that you get making a slate roof is because of its dense composition and it is hard. Technically speaking heat can't pass through, that being said same is the case for cold winds. The most important thing with this type of roof is the beauty associated with it, it looks like a natural rock, that no modern technology can replicate. The second best thing is it has been tested by time and weather conditions for centuries actually for ages. So it will stand tall easy for 150 years or more. Since rock does not conduct electricity there are no chances that you will be hit by lightning. However, there is a word of caution if you heat your home more than 1000 degrees, (with we are sure you won't) there are chances of it to crack. At Olathe Roofing Company we offer every type of repair service right from changing few slates to complete re-doing the roof with new slates, even repairing gutters to flashing the chimney, all it takes us is a couple of days. 

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection

Olathe Roofing Company, Olathe Kansas Olathe Roofing Company, Roof Inspection


Like you take great care of your walls, the floor, or the furniture at your home, the roof of your house requires the same care. That is also an aspect that provides equal elegance to the house while it protects your home. You must select a reputed roofing company that is licensed and is insured. At Olathe Roofing Company we help you select the right way to do your roof. Remember. The material you choose needs to stand the test of time. It has to take the beating of a cold winter as well as stand the heat and strong winds while protecting you and your loved ones. Having said all that, you have a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to roofing material, however, we suggest asphalt as a good option to look at is because it will last you long. Especially if installed properly, it is low on maintenance. We at Olathe Roofing Company keep your budget in mind and that is we are very competitive with our pricing. The installation is fast so you will have a ready roof in no time, and you need not worry about the repairs as well as they hardly need any. Today most of us are focused on environmental preservation, if you too want to play your part, then this should be your choice. People who prefer environment-friendly living choose asphalt and metal roofing, solar roofing is also a popular choice. 

Another important aspect is they are heat resistant, they will not transfer the heat outside to the inside of the house, this allows you to be comfortable inside despite the heat outside. Last but not least, they offer fantastic sound dampening qualities. So you can enjoy a tranquil home.


A tile roof as the name suggests is made up of tiles, in earlier days the place that we could see tiles was the bathroom or kitchen walls. That being said, things are no longer the same, because tiles are reflective, they now are being used in various areas including the roof. It is an upcoming trend to use tiles for making roofs, it is made by arranging tiles on a preexisting structure. You may think, why would someone use tiles when there are other available options mentioned above. Well to answer that in one word, it would be aesthetics, while others are durable options, this one, in particular, is because it gives your home a rich look.

When we talk about elegance, nothing else matches the elegance of the tiles. They have transformed the way modern roofs look, what was once wood famous for, they still don’t come close to the tiles, especially with their ability to reflect light to every corner. When it to other roofing materials the options are limited in terms of designs. But at Olathe Roofing Company we offer you a variety of tiles shapes, designs, and styles to choose from. We are very sure that you will love what you see, our experts can even do a custom design for you. 

Another important aspect of tiles is that it is environment friendly, unlike many who prefer plastic roofing don’t know that it is harmful to the environment, while tiles are eco-friendly, so being a responsible citizen it is always advised that we choose tiles over plastic. While wood has its aesthetic appeal, we need to remember that it is also very prone to fire and can bring substantial losses. Unlike the others, tiles don’t catch fire, you can be worry-free of any such accidents in the summers or for that matter during rains as well. 

Snowfall can cause damage to tiles, so can tornadoes, but we at Olathe Roofing Company have it covered for you. We offer warranties on our products, be it a small budget purchase or a high-end deal, our warranties are generous in either case.


If you have ever seen a white roof, then you will know what we are talking about. It is one of the most used commercial roofing types. Also referred to as Thermoplastic Polyolene, it is the fastest emerging commercial roofing, they have single membrane sheets of different sizes starting with 10 feet, it has gained importance for its UV reflective properties, it is easy to install, and is durable. Keeps you and your family protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Pros of Commercial Roofing:

  • The Flat roofs are much more pocket friendly in the building as compared to the sloped roofs as they need lesser material to build.
  • Can be installed faster and easier, translating to better saving for you as an owner. Also, the ease of repairs is much higher than that of traditional roofs.
  • There is a variety of options to choose from in terms of color, designs as well as the material of the build.
  • Cost savings due to the reduction in energy wastage as of the traditional cooling like cooling or heating.
  • You can install air conditioners, solar panels as well as dish antennas with better ease.
  • The maintenance of the drainage system is a lot easier and cheaper.
  • Pitched roofs have increased slopes and offer better slipping of water as well as snow
  • The pitched roofs do not allow any debris to stick.
  • Flat roofs, as well as pitched roofs, are good places to utilize if you choose to use an alternate source of energy and put up solar panels to provide power to your home.
  • The best part of getting a metal roof is the cost it takes to retrofit. The material does not just increase the life of the roof, but it also does not cost you as much as getting a traditional roof.
  • Metal roofs can be repaired on the go, as in you can still choose to dwell in your home, while the repair work happens, unlike the traditional roofs which need to be torn apart completely and then rebuilt.

Final Words:

We have been in the commercial roofing business for 20 years now, and with a good customer base at Olathe. Our customers have always appreciated the work we have done for them. The type of roof you decide to choose decides how your home will look for a long time. Hence choose wisely, we at Olathe Roofing Company recommend working with a reputed company in the business, they will know your budget and help you choose the best. You can always ask us or count on us for your roofing needs.

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